That damned check/fold button


To make online poker faster, online poker rooms added many features to the poker room lobby. There is an auto fold, raise, check, call or
check/fold button added to most online poker rooms.

I agree that most of these buttons are useful and improves game, but
check/fold button is a bit different. This button comes into play when
you are on the big blind and if you use this button you can easily give
away your card. Why? Well, your opponents will see that you are using
check/fold button and if they want to steal your blind or want to get
rid off one caller they will simply raise. And if it is even the smallest raise, your hand will be auto-folded. Nobody wants to you to see the flop as it may be useful even for the worthless hand.

I agree this is not such a big problem for low stakes poker, but if you
play higher stakes poker this might cost a lot. It's a small tip for you to move further.

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