The annoying effects of a Buzzdock virus


Buzzdock is a browser hijacker, in other words, a potentially unwanted program, which targets your search engine and replaces with Get prepared to be bombarded with tons of popping ads and redirect links. Beware that your NPII might be targeted as well. Should you remove Buzzdock browser hijacker? Do it now.

The common feature of all browser hijackers results in the hijack of your homepage. In case you are unsatisfied with this search engine alternative, you may try modifying the browser settings to revert to the previous homepage. However, get ready to be annoyed. The malware employs ‘helper elements’ which scatter across your system and change the browser settings there as well. Due to such behaviour, you can’t return to your default search engine. Moreover, even if you change the primary browser settings, there is a 99% probability that you will be redirected to again.

Besides, the PUP can also display sponsored third-party ads and redirect you to potentially dangerous websites. There are big chances that you may drag along uninvited guests, such as broad-scale viruses, to your computer if you visit those redirect links. Consequently, due to the regularly popping ads and redirects, your PC might be struggling to maintain high-speed processes.

Last but not least, the Privacy policy states that collects, stores and uses certain non-identifiable information for marketing processes. Therefore, it employs various tracking technologies (e.g. cookies) to gather the NPII. It is also mentioned that third parties which bombard you with bothersome ads may also use tracking cookies and pixels. Summing up, if you are using Buzzdock services for a while already, you are constantly watched and tracked by anonymous users. So it’s high time you removed the browser hijacker.

Buzzdock and similar browser hijackers are usually ‘bundled’ with free programs. Do you recall downloading an audio editor recently? Did you choose ‘Basic’ installation and hit ‘Install’? Then you have the answer how the malware slipped into your computer. That is why next time you install new software, pay attention to the installation process, select ‘Advanced’ or ‘Custom” and untick the pre-marked applications.

If you want to remove Buzzdock effectively, install an anti-malware program. It will save you time and trouble dealing with the browser hijacker.

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