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This blog is dedicated to various security, spyware and adware issues, e-marketing advices, tips, SEO and my personal hobbies and experiences.

First let me introduce myself: my name is: Ugnius Kiguolis. I have few businesses running.
1. I'm the owner of software development company in Lithuania. We are developing various projects in Internet. More than 20 people are working on various commercial projects and software solutions.
2. I'm the owner of reputable modeling agency in Lithuania called "Supermodels" (trademark "Super models model management")
3. Aditionally with friends we have dancers agency in Lithuania called "Beyou"
4. Aditionally with friends we have production company in Lithuania called "Supermuzika" (trademark "Supermuzika")
5. Joined popular Lithuanian Music Band "Naujieji Lietuviai" in 2007. Group changed the title to "Tipo Grupe".
6. I'm COO (Chief Operational Officer) of International Company PokerNews Ltd (Headquarters in London) Was. Not anymore. Sold my share.
7. I'm CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) of International Company Enigma Software Group, INC (NASDAQ – OTC BB ENGM) (Headquarters in USA) Was. Not Anymore.

What we do? My modeling agency called "Supermodels Model Management". The home page of modeling agency is There you can see some successful models in our agency. Basically its offline business and not related to my software companies and Internet projects.
Our dancers agency home page is Our girls work as a go go dancers in various clubs in Ibiza, Cannes, Corsica, Sardinia etc.
Our production company manages well known music projects in Lithuania: 69 Danguje, Tipo grupe, Sokoledas, Mexicano, Milanno, Karina Jazz and the homepage is
My software development company "Elektroniniai sprendimai" which means "Electronic solutions" in English (in short: esolutions), develops software applications and commercial projects. I'll explain deeply all software, projects and their missions later in my threads. The home page of this company –

Hope some information I can provide will be interesting to the readers of this blog. Ugnius Kiguolis.

2 Responses to “Ugnius Kiguolis”

  1. Vangelis P. says:

    Hello Mr. Kiguolis.

    You’re the one behind pazintys!

    I was thinking of creating a similar (but not clone) site for Greece.
    I also read your blog about cherryfun. So, what do you think ? It’s not worth it (expenses-wise)? The development of the web application was from your company ?

    Many thanks, in advance.

  2. found your website on the prevailing and really preferred it.. i bookmarked it and most probably back to test it out a few extra later ..