The bothersome behaviour of DNS Unlocker virus


Have you ever wanted to sneak into blocked websites but were unable to find proper software enabling you to do it? If yes, then you might have come across DNS Unlocker, which seems like the right choice. However, do not get jolly since it is an adware and quite a troublesome one.

By offering to “Unblock blocked websites and digital media for Free! Our DNS service is faster than VPM, simpler to setup…”, it tempts users to install the application. It might seem attractive since it is compatible with the most popular browsers: Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari. However, once you install the application, it will generate annoying pop-ups, coupons, banners and in-text advertisements. Moreover, those ads are not only distracting but clicking on them might redirect you to potentially dangerous websites. You never know what naughty malware resides there.

The main goal of all adware-type applications is to collect your non-personally identifiable information which includes your browsing preferences, search queries, data about the operating system. Such information might ‘accidentally’ slip into the hands of third parties. Scammers value this information since they can generate relevant ads according to the interests of Interest users. Such activity is profitable and brings a decent amount of money. After all, it is quite unpleasant knowing that someone violates your data for their own interests while you receive nothing.

Another disturbing effect of this adware results in its ability to change the DNS (domain name system) settings, which means that the PUP is able to disguise itself on your system. Detecting it becomes quite troublesome. Moreover, this virus has its ‘predecessors’: DNS Unlocker Version 1.3 and DNS Unlocker Version 1.4. So the current improved version can hide itself quite skilfully.

Are you curious how this pesky PUP spreads? Usually, it travels along with free programs. Such marketing method called ‘bundling’ has proved to be highly successful in dispersing adware and other unwanted applications since Internet users rarely notice the ticked add-ons. If you want to avoid DNS Unlocker virus from invading your computer again, make sure that you choose ‘Custom” installation mode and untick the pre-marked additional applications.

Now we’ve come to the main part which is the most relevant to you: DNS Unlocker elimination. You can do it manually by trying to remove the adware on your own. We do not recommend it due to the previously described ability to disguise itself. You can use the manual removal guide developed by professionals or download a reliable anti-malware program. You might also want to check our DNS Unlocker virus removal guide.

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