The change of the Internet


It was always hard to start a good website, to get visitors and to earn from it without the help of Search engines. Few years ago it was easier to get links, to find partners, to be added to directories for free.
As the Internet grows, more and more websites emerges. We get more and more competition, developers gets smarter, more and more people tries to understand the way of ranking in serps. So the further we go, the harder will be to compete in various sections of internet.
Older sites of course will ask some money if you want to list your site with them. Also you should have in mind that not all the sites will get links in directories, because its irrelevant to provide hundreds of the results in one page. So owners will need to choose whom to link. Finally you will see that internet will be more commercial that ever, you will need to pay to be seen, and the price will grow with the years. Only the big pages will rank at the top, because they have money, they can promote the site, they can add more and more content, small sites will be unable to compete with the older sites unless they will have big budgets.
Thats the way it is, and you need to understand and prepare for that. It will be more and more difficult to get free links, free promotion and free traffic.

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