The downsides of Yoursites123 virus


If your search engine has been replaced with Yoursites123 without your consent, you should be alert since it is not another search engine alternative, but a browser hijacker. Since it can be quite annoying and cause some serious problems, you should not keep it on your computer. Thus, delete from your computer.

The majority of browser hijackers specialize in providing you seemingly ‘relevant’ search results. In other words, annoying advertisements will show up along with the generated search targets. Additionally, some reoccurring pop-ups might cover your online content making you really frustrated, especially if you are in a rush to find the required information. What’s more, Yoursites123 browser hijacker might redirect you to unknown malicious websites. It would be wiser to keep out from them since various viruses might infiltrate your computer while you are surfing in the redirected websites.

Moreover, Yoursites123 virus might collect your non-personally identifiable information (NPII). Browsing habits, frequent search queries, visited websites might be compiled and stored in log files, which, therefore, shared with anonymous third parties for marketing purposes. In case the browser hijacker does not employ the tracking technologies, there are no guarantees whether the redirect websites do not track you as well. That is why it would be safer to remove Yoursites123.

Some hijackers have their own official websites where visitors are offered to download the application. Nonetheless, Yoursites123 spreads via ‘bundling’. In short, the malware is attached to daily downloadable free programs. As a consequence of users’ inattentiveness, the unwanted add-ons are usually installed along with the main program. Therefore, in order to avoid unexpected future installation of unnecessary programs, you should select ‘Custom” instead of ‘Recommended’ installation mode and untick the pre-marked unnecessary add-ons.

The browser hijacker can be successfully deleted via manual and automatic removal. You can use our improved elimination instructions, or download an anti-malware program. It will remove virus in a moment.

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