The last stand of Windows Secure Surfer


strange but its few days now when we do not have new virus from Fakevimes family. We start to miss them already. The last active virus from fakevimes is Windows Secure Surfer. The peak activity of this Virus seems happening right now, at the moment I’m writing this post to my security blog. There is no much new to tell about this parasite: ir the same as its 50 viruses launched before. There share the same GUI, we can even use the same activation codes.

Use this code to remove irritating pop-up ads.

The popup ads will stop, but Windows Secure Surfer will remain on your system. You need to scan you system with reputable anti-virus or anti-spyware software. You can try to remove this virus manually. As always I post the removal instructions on my anti-spyware site Good luck in removing Windows Secure Surfer.


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