The Shield Deluxe 2010


The Shield Deluxe 2010 is a fabricated antispyware program that infiltrates to computers via Trojan viruses and attempts to convince their users it’s a legitimate security tool. The application sneaks inside without a slightest notification to the user.

The Shield Deluxe 2010 is constantly running in the background once it infiltrates into machine. Actually, the program is started with each computer reboot so every time you log in to Windows you will notice the same row of actions. The scanner is loaded and the program imitates looking for malicious files. After a few minutes The Shield Deluxe 2010 generates online casinos a list of supposedly infectious files and tells to remove them by purchasing a full version of its own program. Unfortunately, if you do that you will simply lose your money without receiving any help.

The Shield Deluxe 2010 is a malicious program that must be avoided. If you have noticed any of its traces on your system, remove The Shield Deluxe 2010 as soon as possible.

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