The worst mistake in poker


In my eyes, the worst thing beginners do when playing poker is playing every hand they get. They play if they get K7, they play with Q5 or A6, they even play the 72 and hopes that the flop will bring them trips or even a full house. Nonsense! You will never ever become a winning player by playing such hands. Do you know why poker tournaments take so long? Do you know that poker pros only play one hand of 10, and that is only because they are on the big or small blind and have to play. Every poker pro is waiting for a monster hand to play with or they play with suited connectors or expects for flush, but believe me, they never play K7 or Q5.

Stop calling with hands like that. If you play such hands in the dealers position or even the blinds then you have a chance to limp in and maybe even get lucky, but fold them in any other position and especially in early.

Folding rubbish hands will bring you millions. Believe me!

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