TheDefend is a fake anti-spyware program which appears when Trojans, pretending to be video codecs or flash updates, install the program into the system. Such codecs or flash updates are required in order to watch videos online, so be attentive what you are downloading!

TheDefend becomes active only when Trojan downloads and installs all the additional files, necessary to the parasite, and sets it to work automatically as soon as people login to Windows. This Trojan also creates numerous files with random filenames which are detected by TheDefend as harmful to the computer during the system scan. All these fake infections are alerted to the user and finally users are convinced to purchase the program for fixing everything. This trick seems to be a classical one because all rogue anti-spywares usually act in this way.

TheDefend displays fake security alerts and messages on the computer’s desktop. These alerts notify about active harmful files that are detected. Such alerts include “Spyware Alert!”, “Infiltration Alert!”, or “Security Center Alert!”. Fake Windows Security Center notifications also appear on the screen and the main aim of all these interruptions is the same – making users buy TheDefend.

Keep in mind that all these warnings and messages displayed by TheDefend should be ignored. You don’t need to purchase this program. Contrary, delete TheDefend from your computer as soon as possible.

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