Think Point is one more rogue antispyware program that aggressively spreads on computers and is foreseen to become of the worst rogue antispyware programs at the moment. The source or the way how ThinkPoint is infiltrated is a fake Microsoft Security Essentials Alert which is a Trojan that only imitates security alert. This Trojan is responsible for more rogue programs that spread on the Internet such as Red Cross Antivirus, Peak Protection 2010, Pest Detector 4.1, Major Defense Kit and AntiSpy Safeguard.

Think Point imitates performing system scan after each system reboot and reports about system infections. The truth is that Think Point is not able to detect anything and only wants you to scare and make you think your system contains tons of infections. Finally, you will be asked to pay for a full version of Think Point in order to remove all infections and get protected.

Besides, ThinkPoint displays tons of security notifications and pop up ads that only wants to frighten you as well and make you trust in Think Point. You are strongly advised to remove Think Point from your system as soon as you notice it there. Run a full system scan with a reputable antispyware program or use removal instructions of ThinkPoint provided by reliable security experts.


2 Responses to “ThinkPoint”

  1. Joseph W. House3 says:

    Think Point shut down my computer and would not allow me to reboot until I gave them my credit card number and signed up for the new program. What can I do?

  2. Artaika says:

    I ran into this virus just today luckily i have enough programing experience that it didn’t even phase me any. Currently im in the middle of working on a whole new operating system that im hoping to have out by the end of next year based off of the original dos and linux operating systems. The thing about dos and linux is that it isn’t able to catch viruses but they are not user friendly as windows. Thats why im incorporating a new interface into it to allow things such as microsoft programs to be run from this. You think that if windows was able to catch viruses that Bill Gates would fix it. Well the reason he dosen’t fix the problem is that he makes money everytime someone’s pc crashes because then he get’s to sell you a whole new computer. So see you guy’s next year and i can garentee my os will be 100 times better then anything Bill Gates can come out with.