ThinkSmart is a rogue antispyware program that spreads on computers through Trojan viruses and totally destroys activity of infected computer. It enters machine without any notifications and once there starts dominating in the system. Think Smart loads a screen that imitates system scan and then warns about detecting tons of malicious infections on your computer.

Later on, Think Smart claims that you must purchase a full version of a program in order to remove infections that have been detected. The truth is that the program reports about imaginary infections and later asks purchasing its full version in order to remove them. That‘s only a way to earn money but actually Think Smart is completely useless.

In addition to a fake scanner, the program also displays fake security notifications and pop ups that state your system is badly infected. These messages also redirect to the websites offering to purchase Think Smart as a legitimate antispyware program that would fix all security problems that arise for you.

If it happened for you to detect Think Smart on your system, please don‘t trust it as a reputable program. You must remove Think Smart as soon as possible.

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