Tips for Texas Holdem Poker Tournaments


In this article I will share some very simple but important poker tips with you. These tips should be applied to every texas holdem poker tournament with a up to $20 buy-in.

  1. Play tight poker. I mean tight, that you play only monster hands! Never play with A6, K3 or J4. Wait for the better hand and play with it. By saying monster hand, I mean AA, KK, AK, AQ, QQ, TT and similar ones. You say, whole game may pass and I will not get such a hand, and I reply – YOU WILL. Best players play 1 hand of 20. And of the most common mistakes beginners do is playing every hand they hand. Do not chase the cards, do not even think of playing it. Wait for your chance and you will win.
  2. Be aggressive.  Now, when you get a really good hand, a monster hand and you know you can win. Be aggressive, be a beast, show that you have a good hand and that you are sure you will win. With this hand you rule the table. Do not limp and check, when it's time to raise or re-raise. Show your balls when the monster hand is yours.
  3. No all-in game preflop. Never ever move all in preflop. How many times you have seen crazy players moving all ins with better hands preflop and what did they win. Winning blinds with AA, AK or KK is a big shit. You can do it much better, you can douple or triple up. But blinds, gosh, not with such a hand.
  4. Remember the three tips above. No kidding! Learn those by heart, repeat it whenever playing and your game will improve. Be the winner not the loser. Believe me, feeling is much better 😉

See you at the tables!

2 Responses to “Tips for Texas Holdem Poker Tournaments”

  1. MJ says:

    You know, I don’t disagree with a second tip. Being too agresive with a monster hand you can scare off a potential bluffers and get just a few calls instead of raise-to-scare etc. But time to time you have to use agression.

  2. After reading this article publish I am genuinely concidering executing every one of them…