To Rebuy or not to Rebuy?


Being a no limit texas holdem poker tournaments constant player I do play lots of tourneys online. I've been playing a tournament with rebuys $20+$2 yesterday and after playing a while was kicked out with AK vs AQ. Now the question comes should I rebuy and invest another $20 to this game or leave it and go and watch tv.

Firstly, for those who does not know what the hell rebuy is, I will tell. It is kind of a stage in poker tournaments where players are allowed to buy more chips if they want to. Players don't need to be low on chips or be without it, anyone can rebuy. But! Always think if it is worth to rebuy and what are your chances of winning. As for me, I rebuy only when I am really low in chips or am out of chips.

Now, what should be considered about when deciding to rebuy or not:

1. Players around you? How do you feel playing among these guys? Do you feel stronger or you see they play good?

2. Bad beat or no luck today? If you've been beaten by a bad beat, you should return and play if it's simply not your day – forget it.

3. Are you within sight of your opponents chip counts? If you rebuy and get 1000 chips, will that be enough to play and win? There might be guys sitting with 10 or 20k chips in front of you. If so, rebuy won't help.

4. How do you feel? This very important. If you have just lost you might be on tilt and that will not lead you to the victory. If you are nervous about the loss, do not enlarge it. It's always better to come back and try your luck another time if feeling really bad.

Well, probably as very often in poker, the most important is value. If you think rebuy is worth doing it you should do it, if you see that there is no use in playing further, you leave the game..

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