TorrentLocker: again ransomware?


In case you follow recent news related to cyber security, you must have heard about major ransomware threats which are making quite a chaos in the virtual world. TorrentLocker joined the ransomware gang as well. The virus hijacks your computer and encrypts the most valuable data. It also demands a subtle amount money in exchange for the encrypted information. If you haven’t encountered the virus yet, you might be interested in the possible prevention methods and ways how to remove TorrentLocker virus.

Since the spam emails bear only a few grammatical mistakes, it is suspected that the virus has been launched by native English speakers. Moreover, it is also noticed that the virus uses local branding or name of local companies to convince of the credibility. UK users have been attacked with spam messages which seemingly look like notifications from Royal Mail informing about the undelivered package. The message also informs a user of the unsubscription option and asks to click the hyperlink. Most likely, the link bears the infection. In the other part of the world, the spam email contains “Reassessment Notice“ which might resemble the informational notification from Australian Office of State Revenue.

A spam email might also carry an attachment with a Word file with an embedded macro. In other words, this macro enables your macro settings if they were disabled, thus, paving the way for the malware to infect victim’s computer. Therefore, you should be extremely cautious about spam emails of such kind.

Summing up, you should install a reliable anti-malware program which can prevent and ensure TorrentLocker removal. In any case, remember that being careful never does any harm while browsing. It can be the initial step towards the successful confrontation of such aggressive threats as ransomware.

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