Total PC Defender 2010


Total PC Defender 2010 is a fake antispyware program that only imitates its functions but in fact only seeks to swindle away as much money as possible. The program is designed by computer hackers who only seek for its own profit.

Total PC Defender 2010 is based on Trojan viruses and enters the system without your knowledge. Once inside, it mimics system scan and generates fake scan results in order to scare you into purchasing Total PC Defender 2010 as a tool to fix the detected threats.

Additionally, the program hijacks your browser and regularly redirects to the websites promoting Total PC Defender 2010 and asking to make a payment for it. Besides you will be receiving fake pop up ads and security notifications warning about infections and pushing into purchasing Total PC Defender 2010.

You must get rid of Total PC Defender 2010 immediately after noticing its actions on your system. Use a legitimate antispyware program to scan the system for viruses and remove Total PC Defender 2010 or consult manual removal instructions by security experts.

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