Total PC Defender


Total PC Defender is a fake antispyware security application. It is spread via Trojans. The Trojans might enter the system by various freeware and shareware  downloads or infected websites. You should be very cautious about it because it attacks computers secretly and changes system parameters, for example, Windows Registry or System32 directory. Total PC Defender adds new registry entries and makes your OS run its executable at startup.

If you are attacked by slots online Total PC Defender, you will see the program scanning your computer for viruses, every time you start your PC. This program also displays various popup warnings reporting malware detection. You should know that both scanners and warning notifications are fake. If Total PC Defender tells you to purchase its license, don’t believe in it either.

You have to remove Total PC Defender once you notice it. If you have already purchased the license contact your credit card company.

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