Total Vista Security


Total Vista Security is a malicious program that imitates a security tool and tries to sell itself as a useful program against spyware. The application can infect any computer system without excluding anyone. Usually Total Vista Security assists some Trojan viruses for its distribution. The application is also advertised on malicious websites.

When the program gets the access to the targeted computer, it totally paralyzes your system and takes complete control of it. First of Total Vista Security changes some entries in your Windows Registry, which causes active display of pop up notifications on your desktop. These messages state that you system is at risk because of some malicious files on your system and encourages getting rid of them by purchasing a full version of Total Vista Security.

The next symptom that your system was infected with this scamware is a scanner by Total Vista Security which is loaded at the very beginning you log in to Windows. The program obviously fakes the scan results and claims to detect many infections even if your system was completely clean. Then it comes the time to persuade you into purchasing a license of Total Vista Security once again.

By no means pay for this scam application as you will end up losing the money Total Vista Security is asking to pay for. Instead, remove Total Vista Security immediately after detection.

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    Stumbled across your post while searching through yahoo. I read the beginning and its fantastic! I don’t have time to finish it now, but I have bookmarked this site and will read the rest later. I also love the theme, where did you get it? : )