Total Win 7 Security


Total Win 7 Security is a totally fake anti-spyware that infects only those PCs running Windows 7 OS. Total Win 7 Security hails from notorious family of rogues, so you can easily describe it as tricky and even dangerous program. This rogueware seeks to swindle your money, so never fall into its trap that computer is infected and you need to purchase so called “full” version. Act in the opposite way if it happens for you to see Total Win 7 Security and uninstall virus from the system.

Upon sneaking inside with the help of Trojans, Total Win 7 Security trends to start with fabricated pop ups that tell malicious activity “detected”. If you have already been attacked by this kind of malware, you will know that additionally machine is completely bombarded by fake system scanners and notifications telling hundreds of spywares.

In truth, just like any other rogue Total Win 7 Security seeks to get you paying for its “licensed” software, which is claimed to be the only capable tool to remove the “detected” threats. In truth, this application is only capable to change your browser settings and cause system disruption. Please, don’t waste your time and get rid of Total Win 7 Security.

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