Total XP Security


Total XP Security a fake anti-spyware program that infiltrates into any computer system without authorization of its user. The application will persist purchasing a full version of Total XP Security which should protect your system from spyware attacks. But in reality, this program doesn’t have this function. Actually Total XP Security doesn’t have any function at all. The program is created only in order to deceive people and convince them into purchasing Total XP Security program. The application infiltrates into using Trojan viruses and infiltrates so deep that it takes lots of efforts to get rid of it. You will not be able to get rid of Total XP Security automatically as you will not find it on the Add/Remove program list.

The application uses its fake scanners which announce about plenty of different infections in your system and offers to get rid of them with a help of Total XP Security program. Moreover, you will constantly see security notifications that will be popping up all the time while Total XP Security is running.

The only way to stop these unwanted actions is removing Total XP Security from your computer. After removal, make sure to scan your computer with a legitimate anti-spyware program as your system is very vulnerable while it contains Total XP Security inside. Contact your credit card company and dispute the charges if you made a payment for this scamware.

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