TotalSecure2009 is the newest scam that offers full computer protection for a certain price. The fee for using TotalSecure 2009 is $40-$100, which maybe average price for reputable security suite, but in this case it’s totally ridiculous, because TotalSecure2009 never functions as anti-spyware or anti-virus. It is only capable of loading large number of infection reports; unfortunately, all the messages are fabricated. As you may already have guessed, Total Secure 2009 is a malware. It infects computers secretly and then it loads the falsified reports trying to scare people into paying money for non-existent services. Don’t step into this trap! Remove TotalSecure2009 as soon as it gets on your machine.

One Response to “TotalSecure2009”

  1. thank…. but… why if i want to remove the malware.. i must purchase the software… there is nothing free…?