TRE AntiVirus


TRE AntiVirus (also called as TREAntiVirus) is the rogue anti-spyware that belongs to “famous” WiniSoft family. This time scammers are more original and contrary to PC Scout, Trust Fighter or Trust Soldier, use a completely new appearance for this fake security application. However, no matter that this rogue looks different, TRE AntiVirus uses the same malicious tactics and seeks only to steal the money from trustful computer users.
TRE AntiVirus is still installed through the use of malicious websites or Flash updates where Trojans usually hide. When it is in, this rogue anti-spyware starts automatically when Windows starts and creates its own files in folders C:\Windows and C:\Windows\System32. After making these changes, a fake system scan starts and earlier created files are detected as infections. Hundreds of infections are reported for PC owners to be found by the trialware of TRE AntiVirus. These continuous system security notifications are supposed to make people scared and lead them into purchasing the “licensed” version of TRE AntiVirus. Save your money and don’t take any alert loaded by this scam serious. Get rid of TRE AntiVirus and all its files instead!

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