Treacherous .locky file extension virus


.locky file extension virus is ransomware. This particular type of malware is associated with one of the major recent ransomware threats – Locky which still causes goosebumps for many Internet users worldwide. In short, .locky file extension infiltrates your device and encrypts the most valuable personal data and demands ransom in exchange.

.locky file extension has been spreading as a Locky alternative. The latter virus sprung to life more than a month ago hijacking the US hospital and then infecting millions of users all around the world. It is known that .locky file extension virus uses RSA-2048 and AES-128 encryption algorithms which are popular and widely used by national security agencies in different countries. Thus, this peculiarity makes the virus more dangerous and difficult to isolate than any other ransomware.

Speaking of the distribution ways, .locky file extension virus spreads via infected emails. Users receive emails containing false invoice or traffic alerts or other seemingly important notifications. These emails bear an ominous  attachment – usually a ZIP file which has an embedded code. In case your Microsoft macro settings are disabled, then you are extremely lucky as you have the option not to enable the settings because the attachment asks you to do it. In case the settings are automatically enabled, then the situation is worse. As a consequence, the file activates .locky file extension virus which starts its dirty work to decrypt your files.

You should have an anti-malware program alongside your anti-virus software. The former works better detecting and ensuring successful .locky file extension virus removal. Speaking of the precaution means, you should avoid opening emails from unknown senders. Backing up your files should be a regular habit as well in case the ransomware attacks your system.

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