Don’t believe PC security alert which reads: “Trojan.Mdropper.AC – Trojan Found!”. This fake message is created to scare you, trustful computer users, that your PCs are heavily infected with Trojan.Mdropper.AC and make you think about “famous” scamware Personal Antivirus, which is guaranteed to be the only tool which will help in deleting that parasite.
Trojan.Mdropper.AC is usually reported to be a very dangerous Trojan which “may exploit the Microsoft Excel Unspecified Remote Code Execution Vulnerability”. Also, the users are informed that this virus “may attempt to download files on to the compromised computer”. However, all these statements are invented by scammers to scare you and  make you pay for the rogue Personal Antivirus, so please use this removal guide to get rid of this scam.

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