Trojan Win32.Murlo


Trojan Win32.Murlo is a very tricky thing. Although trojan itself doesn’t exist, if you see notifications warning you of this infection, you should be concerned. Trojan Win32.Murlo is the name manipulated by fake anti spyware tools. If you see pop-up telling your computer is infected with Murlo trojan, it doesn’t mean you are infected with this malware. However it reveals that there are some rogue anti spyware tool installed that offers you a fraudulent deal.
Scan a system with anti spyware tools, if you notice Trojan Win32.Murlo ‘activities’ on your computer. Murlo is not the real threat, the fake anti-spywares that put it on a machine is. Use Trojan Win32.Murlo removal to delete files related to this infection.

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