Trust Cop


Trust Cop will not remove any infection from your PC because it’s just another rogue anti-spyware which must be removed as soon as you can. TrustCop Antivirus can’t be recognized easily when it decides to enter the compromised machine because of Trojans which usually use security vulnerabilities for breaking in. Upon installation, TrustCop starts its malicious tactics and urgently tries to steal the money from trustful PC users.
TrustCop creates fake files just after being installed to the PC system. When everything is ready, the program poses to scan the computer for spyware and reports these files as infections found. For the removal, people are presented only the one program – “licensed” version of Trust Cop which is paid, of course. However, Trust Cop Antivirus must be removed instead of the files, which are reported by this rogue application because it won’t let you surf the Internet normally and will download more malware to your PC. Please, get rid of Trust Cop without any doubt before these malicious actions are done!

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