Trust Fighter


Trust Fighter or TrustFighter is a new variant of badware which usually sneaks into the compromised PC after bogus websites with fake online scanners are accidentally entered. This rogue program, just after breaking in, secretly creates series of harmless files and later reports them as infections. In reality all these misleading alerts and system notifications should be ignored and any PC scan shouldn’t be taken as a serious. Instead of that, remove the badware Trust Fighter right after detection because it will make much more damage to your PC.

In truth, Trust Fighter was created only for one popular reason which is stealing the money from trustful PC users.  Program expects you to become scared after tons of trojans, worms and other viruses are reported to be detected and for the removal it offers its own services. Trust Fighter usually suggests people to buy the “full” and “licensed”  version  and that’ s the main thing which you are expected to do. Don’t spend your money in any reason! Remove all the files, connected to Trust Fighter instead!

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