Trust Soldier


Trust Soldier should be uninstalled right after noticing its misleading notifications on the desktop of your PC. It’s a rogue anti-spyware program which will annoy you to death with its fake system scanners and reports about hundreds of malware found. Also TrustSoldier will ask you to pay for the “full” version because it will inform you that its trialware is not capable to clean the infected PC. However, deleting all the files connected to Trust Soldier is much more needed, because this program is created not for the good reasons. It will make your PC to slow down, some of its functions will be even disabled and the system can be even damaged by this scam. Also, there is a great possibility to loose your credit card details or other personal information after you agree to purchase this program.
Trust Soldier travels from PC to PC secretly with a help or Trojans. After the malware is in, it creates fake files which later detects as infections. Annoying warnings and system notifications about the critical level of the PC protection reach the user and for the removal TrustSoldier offers its own services. Ignore all the reports, produced by this rogue anti-spyware because they are all imagined and should not be taken serious. Instead of that, I would recommend you deleting Trust Soldier.

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