Trust Defender is a rogue antispyware program that spreads through malware by imitating video codec or activity of scanning computer online. As soon as the program is installed into computer, it is programmed to be started automatically when computer boots up.

TrustDefender pretends to scan your computer for infections by loading a scanner right when the system boots up. Actually this action is only imitated but in reality this scanner is not able to detect anything. Talking about removal of infections Trust Defender is helpless here as well. After the scan is done, it will actually ask you to pay for a license of Trust Defender claiming that only a full version of a program will be able to remove all detected threats.

The application also may install another fake program to your system, called RegistryClever. It’s a fake Registry cleaning program that also only imitates looking for system errors but in fact doesn’t do anything. For fixing the errors that were supposedly detected you are told to purchase a full version of Registry Clever.

Besides, your system will be flooded with fake pop up ads and security alerts warning about system infections and offering activating Trust Defender in order to fix your security problems.

You are strongly recommended to remove Trust Defender form your system instead of trusting it.


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