TrustDoctor is another fake antispyware application that spreads through porn sites. Such websites ask to download some video codec in order to watch online videos. In reality, this so called “codec” is a Trojan virus that downloads and installs TrustDoctor application without asking for it.

As soon as the program gets inside, it scans computer for viruses. However, the scanner of Trust Doctor is not able to detect anything. Instead it displays some harmless files which are created at the time of infiltration of Trust Doctor. The program reports they are infections and claims that the only way to get rid of them is purchasing a licensed version of TrustDoctor.

At the time when TrustDoctor is running, it also displays fake security notifications claiming that your computer is infected with spyware which could damage your critical files or expose your private data on the Internet. In order to fix the problem, TrustDoctor recommends registering the program.

You must delete TrustDoctor itself in order to finish all these annoying scanners and fake notifications. Never pay for this badware as it will not change anything and you will only lose your money.

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