Software named TrustedAntivirus is actually nothing you can trust. It’s a typical rogue anti spyware that uses aggressive tactics to push people into paying for the full version of this software. Both free version and full version of Trusted Antivirus can’t detect nor delete computer infections. TrustedAntivirus only mimics anti spyware instead of protecting a computer. Trusted Antivirus launches fabricated scan reports and warnings about errors and infections in order to scare people.
Do not buy full version of TrustedAntivirus. It’s a scam and you will pay for nothing. Remove TrustedAntivirus as soon as possible. TrustedAntivirus’ website is not reliable too; it distributes several other malicious products.

One Response to “TrustedAntivirus”

  1. Helen says:


    I have been conned by this antivirus I purchased the 1st stage but did not
    downlaod, I supose I will not be able to obtain a refund. I have emailed them they keep replying offering me more software obviously have not
    purhcased any more. Shoud I just put this down to exprience and be more