Scammers showed their imagination one more time and created another rogue with a weird name – TrustNinja. TrustNinja is a fake security tool which has the only aim, to steal your money by promising you to remove all the cyber threats from the PC. It is promoted by Trojans and installed without your permission so it is highly important to uninstall the trialware of this scam immediately after detection.
Being from the family of rogues which connects “famous” SaveSoldier, SaveKeep, WiniShield, Winifighter and WinBlueSoft, TrustNinja will not surprise you with different tactics. Contrary, it will act as all other rogue anti-malwares. Firstly, it will create some files and, after posing to scan the system, this malware will declare them to be rogues detected. It will start to annoy you by showing fake alerts and advertisements about purchasing the “full” version of TrustNinja. Don’t believe these tricks and get rid off all the files, infected by TrustNinja without any doubt.

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