TrustWarrior cannot be trusted in any reason! It is the rogue anti-spyware, which joins WiniGuard, SafetyKeeper or SoftSafeness and similarly to them, it tries to sell the “full” version which is not worth any sum of money. This malware will slow down the PC system or even damage it and steal the sensitive information from the unaware computer owner.
TrustWarrior asks no permission when it decides to break into the compromised PC. It starts posing to check the computer for viruses when the user browses the Internet and finds tons of infections there. In reality, numbers of these fake harmless files are created by the same TrustWarrior with a reason to scare people because for the removal the “full” its version is recommended. Do not purchase it! I would highly advise you using the removal guide to get rid of TrustWarrior and all the potential problems.

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