Ukash virus


As you know, Ukash is a popular payment system which belongs to a trustworthy company. However,  well-known name doesn’t stay safe for long – online criminals have started to use Ukash for generating the money from unaware PC users. Of course, firstly they scare their victims into believing that they have violated various laws and lock their computers down. Be sure that all this campaign is nothing but scam and you must remove Ukash virus instead of using this payment system and helping the scammers to get your funds.

According to security experts, Ukash virus belongs to the category of ransomware’s that use spam emails, freeware, fake updates and other typical ways to infect their target PC. As soon as it gets there, it firstly hijacks the desktop and then starts playing havoc there. While it’s really hard to notice the moment of Ukash infiltration, soon it shows up on its misleading alert claiming that user is noticed to perform certain illegal activities over the Internet. Typically, this alert seems to be sent by a local police department or other legitimate institution, such as An Garda Siochana, FBI and other. This ransomware is also set to show victim’s IP address and use the local language, that’s why many users from the USA, UK, France, Germany, Canada and many other countries report about Ukash virus.

So, as soon as Ukash virus gets on the system, it shows you a huge alert accusing you of spreading spam, illegally downloading video and audio samples, watching copyrighted content or spreading malware over the Internet. In order to unlock the system, it offers its victim to pay a fine thorugh Ukash system or Paysafecard. However, all this campaign is nothing but scam and this ransomware has nothing in common with legitimate Ukash payment system. Instead of paying for its creators, you are highly recommended to remove Ukash virus without any delay. For that, follow these steps at first:

  • Download and put SpyHunter to your USB flash drive by using another computer.
  • Reboot the infected computer, press F8 and choose safe mode with command prompt.
  • Find SpyHunter located in your USB drive, and launch it.
  • Restart your computer.

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