Ultra Antivirus 2009


Ultra Antivirus 2009 requires $39.95 or $49.95 or $119.95 for using its functions; however there is nothing to use, unless you like some program loading pop-ups on your machine. Ultra Antivirus is a fraudulent security tool. It offers virus removal and computer protection while in a real world it can’t do either of that.

UltraAntivirus 2009 is typical malware. It is installed without user’s permission and then it requires buying full version of it. It loads plenty of pop-ups trying to persuade people to give their money away.

Do not trust UltraAntivirus2009! Delete it as soon as possible. Use Ultra Antivirus 2009 removal to sweep this malware away from your computer.

3 Responses to “Ultra Antivirus 2009”

  1. Casey says:

    Downloaded and payed for a subscription to Spydoctor and it still did not remove this malware.

  2. Ms. Johnson says:

    I purchased this product and didn’t receive it. Requested my money back and to this date have not received a dime. No one will return my text messages because there is no telphone number to contact anyone, e-mail only..

    • gabriele says:

      Ultra Antivirus is a total scam and should remove it as soon as possible.