Ultra Defragger


Ultra Defragger is a fake computer optimization program that hijacks random computer systems in order to gain money by selling a fake program. Once inside it imitates being a system defragmenter that is looking for system errors. The truth is that it only wants to mislead you into thinking you have got some system problems with an expectation you will purchase Ultra Defragger to solve them.

The program enters computer through a Trojan and is configured to be started after each computer reboot. The program looks just like a legitimate program that scans computer system for infections. After a while it reports to detect a bunch of different online casino errors that supposedly harm your computer system. Additionally, it will generate a bunch of different security notifications and pop up ads. The alerts provide completely fake and sometimes even unrealistic information. Basically they state that your private data might be at risk because of damaged hard drive clusters, RAM memory failure, hard drive error, etc.

The use of your executable programs may also be restricted by stating that it is corrupted or similar information. After sever tries you will probably succeed to open it, however, it’s still very annoying.

You are highly advised to remove Ultra Defragger as soon as you notice its activity on your system. Make sure to keep your credit card details safe from this malicious program, otherwise, you will definitely get it charged.

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