Unknown Trojan


Unknown Trojan is actually not a trojan but a keylogger. However this computer parasite is incredibly dangerous. UnknownTrojan is able to trick firewalls, so user may not notice the infection. This keylogger is masked well and usual firewall isn’t capable to recognize this threat, because it takes Unknown Trojan as a part of web browser.
As UnknownTrojan keylogger infects a computer unnoticed, it is big threat to ones privacy. It records keystrokes and sends collected information to a remote attacker. Both anti virus and anti-spyware scans are needed to reveal infections of this kind. If this keylogger is installed on your computer, follow Unknown Trojan removal instructions.
‘Unknown Trojan’ is common parasite name used by fake antispyware products. Any pop-ups of fabricated scans displayed by rogue security tools shouldn’t be trusted.

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