User Antivirus 2010


User Antivirus 2010 is another rogue anti-spyware program that reminds of recently launched New Antivirus 2010 rogue application. The application is able to find some weak points in your system and enters the system together with Trojan viruses. User Antivirus 2010 usually unnoticed until it starts its malicious activity.

The program is activated as soon as you restart computer after its installation. Then User Antivirus 2010 loads its scanner and starts performing the functions of security tool. The thing is that this scanner only imitates looking for infections and once it’s done it fabricates a list of threats. Even if your system is completely clean, User Antivirus 2010 will state to detect some malicious files recommend removing them with a help of a full version of User Antivirus 2010. Besides, the program will generate additional security notifications warning that your system has been infiltrated with spyware.

Please, do not trust User Antivirus 2010 as it will only attempt to convince you into purchasing its license. This scam application was created by cyber criminals who are looking for easy ways to gain some money. Stay clear of this badware and get rid of User Antivirus 2010 once you detect it on your computer. Do not donate money for people who earn for living by robbing other people.

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