User Protection


User Protection is not the application that can be trusted. Contrary, it is the program which MUST be removed from the system in a very short period of time. Being developed to deceive users into buying it and in this way infect their computers even more, User Protection imitates checking of the system actions. As a rule, scam reports hundreds of viruses “found” though in reality PC has only User Protection which must be eliminated. Get rid of it as soon as it is spotted.

User Protection gets on board with the help of Trojans and people usually don’t even know that they have it installed. When inside, it starts imitating scanning of the system actions and displays hundreds of pop-up warnings after them. On these messages infections are stated to be “found” inside trying to scare trustful PC users. Further more, fabricated scanners appear on the infected PCs desktop and also give the same information that there are hundreds of viruses that need to be removed to keep computer safe. And the end, User Protection offers people to register its so called licensed software and promises that it will ensure the highest computer’s protection.

Don’t install licensed version of User Protection because you will simply waste your money. It’s a total rogue anti-spyware, so save your savings and get rid of User Protection.

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