VIP AntiSpyware


VIPAntiSpyware application costs at least $50 and you get pop-ups and malwares for that price. There is nothing special about VIP AntiSpyware: it’s just another scam to milk money and fool people. Do not download this rogue software and if you happen to download it, do not purchase the full version. VIP Anti Spyware is not capable of providing cyber protection because it is a computer parasite itself. VIPAntiSpyware may try to trick people by loading pop-ups similar to security alerts. It may also display scan reports; but it doesn’t scan a computer, VIPAntiSpyware simply loads prepared pop-ups. Do not trust any alerts related to VIP AntiSpyware; it’s dangerous malware and it should be treated as one. Remove VIP AntiSpyware as soon as possible.
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