Virus Protector


Stay away from Virus Protector if you encounter it on your computer. It’s a rogue application that was created by cyber criminals to swindle money from people who have no idea of such programs.

Virus Protector infects computer with a help of malware. First of all, the program runs its scanner and displays a list of files calling them infections. Actually these files are created by the same malware that installed Virus Protector. They are completely harmless and only created in order to make you think you have spyware on your system. Naturally, you will then look for a solution. Virus Protector foresees that and offers to purchase its license which will supposedly enable Virus Protector to remove infections.

Besides, the program generates fake security warnings announcing about spyware infections detected that could damage your critical files or expose your private data on the Internet. This is one more trick to make you believe you need anti-spyware program because your computer is badly infected.

You should not purchase Virus Protector as it’s a scam application reaching for your money. If your computer was targeted by Virus Protector you have to make sure to get rid of it. You can do that manually, consulting removal instructions of Virus Protector or automatically, with a help of reputable anti-spyware software.

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