Virus Total 2010


Virus Total 2010 is a fake spyware removal tool which will lead you to complete computer’s malfunction. Just after it showed on the web, I installed this rogue anti-spyware to see how it acts and now I can say that you should remove Virus Total 2010 ASAP. Besides, you may not even notice infiltration of this scam, because it also uses Trojan based dirtribution.

The first thing I have noticed was annoying pop-up adds appearing everytime my PC was rebooted. They were telling “The threat has been detected!!!” and that I need to run Virus Total 2010 unregistered version scanner. After clicking on such alert, I saw a typical malware scan which started to pose scanning actions and then announced about hundreds of infections. In that way, I guess, Virus Total 2010 expected me to purchase its licensed version.

So, if you have noticed Virus Total 2010 on your PC, you should keep in mind that it announces only fake and invented viruses and spywares. These alerts MUST be ignored instead of being purchased because they may report legitimate your system files. Instead of that, remove Virus Total 2010.

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