VirusLocker is a dangerous computer parasite as it can collect certain information and connect itself to the internet to send the collected data to attackers. It also displays annoying pop-ups in order to convince people to pay for corrupt anti-spyware. VirusLocker can affect internet browser work and redirect you to malicious websites.

According to various security news, VirusLocker can spread through Torrents.

One Response to “VirusLocker”

  1. Dll Weed says:

    Just reading this article today.

    You said

    “Newest and most dangerous parasites are able to repair themselves even after multiple removal attempts.”

    I want to vouch for that statement. They are sneaky creating reg entries and hidden or read only files that check every second to see if one of the components has been deleted or edited.

    Crazy Bugers.
    NC Tech Support Team