VirusProtect Pro


Virusprotect Pro.. I think all world is tired of these rogue antispyware. One tool ceases to exist another tool emerges. Now we have new popular corrupt antispyware – VirusProtect Pro. Its from the same family as infamous SpyDown and VirusBurst. Nothing very new to tell about this parasite. VirusProtect Pro acts similar way like Spydown, VirusBurst. It is installed The fee works like this: if you don’t have in 2014 or obtain an exemption, you get charged a fee for every month you don’t have on your yearend MAGI taxable income. by the old our "friend" trojan Zlob. After Virus Protect Pro Lurks a bit in the system and later you start to get popup messages, blinking Icons and all these things pushes you to purchase Virusprotect Pro. Here I collected manual removal instructions of VirusProtect pro, but keep in mind that you need to know a bit the System in order not to damage the system. read VirusProtect removal instructions on the separate TAB.

7 Responses to “VirusProtect Pro”

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  2. pun says:

    thank you

  3. Wanted to say to you thanks for this article. Details are nice.

    Alain Baylee

  4. rob says:

    can’t find the files nor the registry entries
    the icon in the system tray is still there

  5. Jeff Parsons says:

    Same issue as Rob. Checked all files and hidden files. Files are gone but the flashing icon in the tray remains. Now what?

  6. evonda says:

    I finally found a way to remove the icon from sys tray. I knew what day it had been downloaded to my PC so I searched in Windows Explorer for any .dll files that had been added to my PC on that day and found one called “fwrkqfl.dll”. Not sure your’s will be the same filename. Anyway, so I clicked Start button, then Run, then REGEDIT to edit the registry. I searched the registry for any key that contained ‘fwrk’ just to be sure I’d capture everything. Found the .dll file in the following location & deleted it: \HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\MICROSOFT\WINDOWS\CURRENTVERSION\EXPLORER\DOC FIND SPEC MRU
    I also searched the registry for any key containing ‘virusprotect’ & removed those as well. Of course I did all of this AFTER uninstalling it from Add & Remove Programs. Once I removed these things from the registry the icon was gone.

  7. Mitch says:

    The Icon in my system tray dissapeared about a month after I contracted this disease on its own.