Vista Antivirus 2010


Vista Antivirus 2010 is the rogue antispyware which covers itself under the appearance of a reputable security tool. VistaAntivirus2010 poses to scan the computer for parasites and reports overstated system security problems found in your PC. By showing all these fake results, program tries to scare you and make you think about purchasing the “full” its version. Don’t let Vista Antivirus 2010 steal your money! Please, remove this badware as soon as possible!
Vista Antivirus 2010 asks no permission when it decides to break in the computer. It comes after a fake video codec with Trojan or other malware is installed. Once inside, it starts to repeat its deceitful actions and they will not be over after you purchase the “licensed” version of Vista Antivirus 2010. To cancel all these annoying scans and notifications, please get a reputable anti-spyware and get rid of Vista Antivirus 2010 as soon as possible!

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