Vista Defender 2013 and its removal guide


Vista Defender 2013 is another threat you must stay away from. Yesterday I warned you about XP Defender 2013 but today it seems that you must also be aware about the threat that targets computers with Windows Vista OS running on board. As soon as you see such dangerous program on your computer, run a full system scan with updated anti-spyware program and remove those infected files that belong to this scamware. I do NOT recommend manual removal method if you don’t want to leave any leftovers of this scam and damage the system by removing legitimate files that are needed for normal your PC’s functionality.

Typically, Vista Defender 2013 gets on the system through security holes found and then uploads malicious files needed. After it successfully does that, it starts actively working there and works on displaying random popup alerts, scanners and notifications that are set for the one thing only – make you concerned about your PC and push you into purchasing the license. Don’t get surprised that Vista Defender 2013 will inform you about numerous cyber threats detected, just be sure that they are completely fake and have nothing to do with real viruses.

So, the most serious thing you must understand is that Vista Defender 2013 does not really detect actual spyware and trojans on your computer. In reality, it has an empty virus database and seeks only your money. If you find this scamware on your computer, do what you must do and remove Vista Defender 2013 files without any delaying. I recommend reading this Vista Defender 2013 removal guide to fix your PC completely.


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