Vista Defender Pro


Virus Defender Pro is malicious software that tricks computer users into believing it is a security tool. The program spreads through Trojan viruses completely secretly without giving any notification. As you can guess, Vista Defender Pro infiltrates into computers running Windows Vista Operating System. However, the users with different Operating Systems are not protected from this malware either. The same program also spreads under different denominations.

Once Vista Defender Pro penetrates into the system, the program is configured to start automatically when computer is restarted. One of the first strange things you will notice will be extremely annoying pop up messages claiming that your system is posing horrible risk because of the spyware infiltration. They will also offer purchasing Vista Defender Pro which should fix the existing problems. It is not true, indeed.

Moreover, the program will imitate system scan. In fact, the scan results will be falsified as well. As you see Vista Defender Pro will do all it takes in order to push you into purchasing it.

You must resist it and instead remove Vista Defender Pro from your system. This will solve those annoying things like a flood of pop ups, appearance of fake system scanners or horrible computer slowdown. Beware of malicious actions of Vista Defender Pro and stay clear of having it in your system.

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  1. windows vista is very unstable and often crashes a lot, windows XP is several thousand times better;;”