Vista Security 2010


Vista Security 2010 is a malicious application that spreads through Trojan viruses and infects computer systems in order to rip their users off. It’s not a reliable program. Contrary, Vista Security 2010 must be removed as soon as you notice its existence on your PC.

Typically to most of rogue programs, Vista Security 2010 infiltrates secretly and you cannot control its installation. Once inside, the program does everything in order to make you purchase its so called full version.

Vista Security 2010 displays its bogus scanners and fabricated security notifications. Then it claims to detect a bunch of different infections including, Trojans, spyware and other threats. The program prompts you to purchase a full version of Vista Security 2010 in order to remove the detections. Moreover, your Internet browser will probably be hijacked and you will be unwillingly redirected to a website promoting Vista Security 2010.

Make sure to eliminate Vista Security 2010 as soon as you notice its first signs on your system. Do not be that volunteer paying money to computer hackers.

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