Vista Security 2011


Vista Security 2011 is a rogue antispyware program that infects computers in order to get some money from their computer users. The application is installed to computer system completely secretly. It is done by Trojan viruses. They not only install Vista Security 2011 to your system but also create some files there. The purpose of them is to imitate infections while Vista Security 2011 is pretending to scan your computer.

So as you probably might guess, the program loads its scanner and imitates looking for infections once it is installed and computer is rebooted. Vista Security 2011 really reminds of a legitimate antispyware tool so once it displays the scan results you might really start thinking that those infections exist on your computer. In reality the program displays files that have been created by the same Trojan that infected with Vista Security 2011. Remember that these files are completely harmless and are only displayed to scare you into thinking your system has been infected. Ignore such warnings and instead remove Vista Security 2011 with a reputable antispyware program.


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