Vista Security 2012


Vista Security 2012 is a typical malware that disables its victims from some basic functions of computer, like browsing the web or launching their favorite applications. This annoying cyber threat starts displaying annoying system scanners, alerts and notifications and also asks to make a payment for its licensed version. Please, ignore Vista Security 2012 and its alerts because it will damage your PC. Together with your money, this scam is also capable to steal your credit card details and let more viruses inside. It should belong to the category of rogue anti-spywares that all must be eliminated ASAP.

Vista Security 2012 is usually distributed with a help of trojans that can easily infect poorly protected systems and download malware files there. After that, this dangerous cyber threat is also set to start once the PC is rebooted and additionally display its misleading popups reporting about nasty parasites such as spyware, keyloggers, adware, found on the system. However, you should keep in mind that Vista Security 2012 has no capabilities to find or remove infections because it has an empty virus database. If simply ignored, Vista Security 2012 completely takes over the Operating System of the compromised PC and stops all executable files you will try to run, so you may find it difficult to run a full system scan with your anti-spyware. If you you have also been infected with this sneaky parasite, follow this Vista Security 2012 removal guide.

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